Target Group

The Target Group

For whom is the Yucelmethod appropriate?

The method is suitable for all situations where individuals, families, groups or networks think about their problems and solutions in a structured yet creative way. In the rehabilitation, for example, the method can be used in the stage of choosing target sites and to create or obtain resources. The method can be practised in any type of treatment to create an interim overview of the overall situation of the person and to think about important supporting factors.

People for whom the method has provided help in the past include:

Mental Health Care
Juvenile mental health clients
Youth Care
Lightly Mentally Disabled clients
Elderly people
Verbally less skilled people
People with addictions
Rehabilitation and restoration field
People with impaired hearing
Autism spectrum
People with addictions
Vulnerable young people
Neighborhood teams
Youth and adults in detention (in preparation for dismissal)
Vulnerable families
Family Treatment
Systemic therapy
Yucelmethod as supervision and intervision
Stress counseling